Tournament 1v1 WC VII - Player Signups

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Player Name: Kaygur
Region: Middle East/Asia
Formats played: Anything except BW
Are you interested in captaining?: No
Forseen inactivity: Got exams till 9th november and that's about it.
Player Name: PathOfGlory
Region: Britain
Formats played: Gen 9 1v1, Gen 8 1v1
Are you interested in captaining?: i dont think i will be selected so no
Forseen inactivity: I will not be available in the second half of december because i am travelling to my parents house from my college
Player Name: Iura
Region: US West
Formats played: SV / ORAS / BW
Are you interested in captaining?: If no one else does, but otherwise no.
Forseen inactivity: Dec 1-20 are all of my finals week. School in general. Can find time during 1-20, while studying.

Art by Kiwi
Hosted by Arai and Heika

Format of tour: The first round will be round robin pools round: each player in their pool plays all others in the same pool, and each win and loss (the whole series, not individual games) is added to their team's total score. The teams who get the most series wins across all of these pools will go into a 4 team playoffs where the #1 seed plays the #4 seed and the winner of that plays the winner of the #2 and #3 seed. Any ties that meaningfully effect seeding will be resolved with a tiebreaker week.

SV 1v1 Bo7
SV 1v1 Bo5
SV 1v1 Bo5
SV 1v1 Bo5
SS 1v1 Bo5
SM 1v1 Bo5
ORAS 1v1 Bo5
BW 1v1 Bo5
+ 4 substitute slots (12 total players)

As of the time sign ups opened, the teams competing this year will be the following:
  • Asia + Pacific (or, Asia and Oceania as separate teams if possible)
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Latin America
  • North Europe
  • South Europe
  • US Central
  • US East + Canada
  • US South
  • US West
These regions are tentative. There could be more or less teams, or different regions, depending on signups. The hosts (Heika and Arai) will monitor signups and may adjust regions if necessary. If members of a country or region not represented above believe they are able to fill a roster, feel free to reach out to discuss specifics. Any change to regions will be announced via an administrative announcement and will be edited in above. Good luck to everyone!
Eligibility Requirements (from the WCOP of 2019)

Eligibility requirements are listed below. If you have any specific questions about eligibility, please contact the a host (Arai or Heika)

Players who participated in 1v1 WC VI

If a player participated in 1v1 WC VI, they will be locked onto their team from the previous year, barring the following exceptions:
  • If the team they most recently played for no longer exists, they will be treated as a player eligible for a new team (see below).
  • If a player's region has changed since last WC, they may choose to instead play for the region currently associated with their forum IPs. This is a one-time choice; doing so forfeits their previous eligibility. They will not be able to be grandfathered back onto their previous team in the future, and even if they return to their old region in the future, this eligibility will remain forfeited.
Players who did not participate in 1v1 WC VI / players eligible for new teams

Players that are not locked on a team and are not eligible for grandfathering (new players or players whose previous teams no longer exist) may only play for the regions associated with their forum IPs. Tournament directors will not consider any other means of identification for regional eligibility. Please do not submit real-world identifying documents such as passports or birth certificates. Don't doxx yourself. Please.

If a player has IPs to prove that they spend extended periods of time in multiple regions within the past 12 months (e.g. students who attend university in one region and live in another), they can apply to join the team associated with either region. TDs will review this on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for the rejected team will be forfeited.

Players with significant periods of provable residency prior to the past 12 months may apply to join the team associated with their old IPs. The TD team will consider these applications on a case-by-case basis, but as a general rule, the minimum amount of time we will consider is one year of residency in the old region. As referenced above, you MUST be able to verify said residency via forum IPs; if your IPs do not reflect this prior residency, your application will not be accepted. Eligibility for the rejected team will be forfeited.

Players eligible for multiple regions that span the same area (like India and Asia) may choose which region to play for. You may only play for one region. Grandfathering and region lock as explained above applies.

"Cultural eligibility" rules were removed in earlier editions of 1v1 WC, and have not been reinstated.

As a reminder, hosts and TDs reserve the right to reject any player they deem to be insufficiently eligible. An example of this would be a player whose IP drastically changes shortly before the start of the tournament.
To sign up for this tournament, reply to this thread and use this format:
[B]Player Name[/B]:
[B]Formats played[/B]:
[B]Are you interested in captaining?[/B]:
[B]Forseen inactivity[/B]:
The deadline to sign up for this tournament is Thursday, November 2nd at 11:59pm -5
Regions and captains will be finalized on that Friday, and the rosters will be due on that Sunday.
FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR REGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Player name: Redocica
Region: India
Formats played: Any
Are you interested in captaining? : No
Forseen inactivity: December 1 - 27 exams. school compulsory
Player Name: Kiran
Region: North-Europe
/BFormats played[/B]: SV
Are you interested in captaining?: i'll be down
Forseen inactivity: I don't have many plans that month if its a good time for europeans that still have school
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